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Sister’s Snacktime: Munchies for Two is a fun blog dedicated to, yup you guessed it…food!

Two nutty sisters from the Big Apple of NYC, we’re adventurous eaters who’ll be writing about the day to day, to the not-so-ordinary, to the altogether strange. From time to time, there’ll even be a few (possibly questionable) recipes posted as well…but have no fear! We’ve already tried these recipes out beforehand — but we also happen to have iron stomachs…dunno about the rest of you chumps out there though…

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Since we don’t want to clutter our posts, some pictures will not be covered in detail. As a result, each posts’ pictures can be found in their entirety in their own respective photo pages. However, if readers request that something be given our full attention then we will be more than happy to write up a proper post covering those certain foods. =]

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