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Alright people, let me introduce a delicious vegetable that people often overlook or even dislike: Bitter Melon! Now, at first I didn’t like the bitterness of this veggie either, but the taste really grows on you. Before, I would say my favorite way to eat bitter melon is with salted eggs or meat. However, this all changed when my grandpa treated our family for dinner at a nice little restaurant in Taoyuan, Taiwan. I can safely say that my grandpa, as a lover of all foods, has supreme taste buds and a knowledge of where to get good food. Here’s my favorite dish of the evening:


doesn’t that look good?

Alot of my friends can’t stand bitter melon, but a bite of this just might change their minds. This was probably the best bitter melon I ever ate! The reason? It was cooked and let to simmer for several hours in a fragrant meat sauce, allowing the bitter melon to suck up all the good flavor and become extremely soft and juicy. Cooking this requires experience and technique, something that makes it difficult to recreate at home. The best way to eat this is to take a good chunk, pour some of the sauce on, and eat it together with some rice. Yum Yum!

In case anyone was wondering, the dish next to the bitter melon is actually pig large intestines. This was the first time I had large intestines that were cooked in a sour sauce. They were extremely chewy, and even got progressively more sour as I chewed. Extremely interesting, and definitely not something I’m used to:

Large intestines

On another note, the sweet bread we had was great as well. They used two types of dough for this, a soft yellow dough on the inside, and a hard crispy one on the outside to fry. Then they sprinkled it liberally with sweet peanut powder mixed with sugar. The result is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and it is deliciously warm as it fills your mouth with sugary goodness:


The restaurant we went to is called Chuan Jia Fu, or directly translated, the Whole Family. Hope you guys enjoyed this post, leave comments below! What kinds of foods do you guys enjoy?

— Jas

Photographs taken and provided by Jasmine Hwang
For complete selection of photographs, please refer to the photo gallery: Traditional Foods in Taiwan [8/2/10]


  1. Aug-3-2010

    Jasmineee :D
    you write really good ~_~but yeahhh bitter melons are so yummy (:
    i think you can use more pictures though~

  2. Aug-3-2010

    The sweet bread looks so yummy! and bitter melon is something i’ve never heard of. Interesting…

  3. Aug-3-2010

    And props to your maaaad writing skills. just reading what you wrote makes me drool. =D

  4. Aug-3-2010

    thanks guys! xD
    yoonsun, you should definitely try bitter melon, its great if properly cooked.
    and ok liana, i’ll put more pics next time. why don’t you check out the photo gallery?

    don’t forget to subscribe!! =3

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