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Hey all! Thought I’d post up some more yummy street food for you guys to enjoy. These were eaten at various different places, and of course, at various different times. First up, Dou Hwa! Dou Hwa is basically a very light tofu made out of soy, and would be directly translated as Soy Flower. Pretty huh? It is usually eaten with syrup, and various toppings such as peanuts, red bean, or tapioca. This one that I had upon arriving at Taiwan for a few days was pretty good:

Next up are spring rolls! The ones I had below were very, very, very delicious!! We ate these on the high speed train as we were traveling from Kaohsiung back to TaoYuan, and they hit the spot. Filled to the brim with veggies, juicy bits of fatty pork, egg, mushrooms, and other surprises, they left me very satisfied. Not only that, but they also used a special sauce besides the usual peanut one. It was a bit of a twist on a classic spring roll. Here is the baby below:

While walking the night market in Ilan, I saw something I’ve never seen before! There was a show advertising it on the TV placed outside the stall that specialized in this snack. What I’m talking about is, White Tapioca! Cool right? What caught my interest was: 1) It’s white. (or rather, clear)  2) It’s supposed to be softer than regular tapioca.  3)It’s supposed to be chewier than regular tapioca. And, 4) It supposedly won’t harden, even if you stick it in the fridge! So basically, I just had to try this new fangled tapioca out. I got regular milk tea with it, and I have to say, you can’t really tell much of a difference between the two tapiocas. It was softer and chewier for sure, and definetely not bad overall!

Since this is a relatively short post, I’ll end it once again with one of my absolute favorite -will die if I don’t eat it after coming to Taiwan- foods. And that is: Roasted Chicken Butt! (on a stick ) Ever since I had some heavenly roasted chicken butt as a child in Taiwan, I’ve been questing to find that same chicken butt all these years later. It was big, it was roasted, it was seasoned well, and most of all, it was crispy on the outside and JUICY on the inside! Heaven. Now, the ones I’ve had just don’t compare to the one from my memory. However, this one bought from a night market stall in Gong Guan, Taipei was pretty dang good, if I do say so myself. It was crispy and seasoned well, but much too small!

Alright, hope you guys enjoyed the eye candy! What are your opinions? Don’t be scared to try delicacies like chicken butts! =]

— Jas

Photographs taken and provided by Jasmine Hwang


  1. Aug-7-2010

    Hahahaa xD

    is the last one really chicken butt? why would they serve the butt?
    do the bbq sticks taste alot different from the ones here? im guessing they do o.o

    and does the white tapioca taste different or is it just white? i think im asking such stupid questions >.< but nice blog (o

  2. Aug-7-2010

    Lol, you are so funny xD

    Of course the last one is chicken butt! The butt is really good, even though some people just throw it away. The sticks are the same o-O but the butt isn’t.

    And the white tapioca tastes just like the black ones, except its softer and chewier. Hee hee, don’t worry I’m happy you commented!

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