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Hey guys! In the middle of July, I went on a short one week trip to Ilan to teach kids english in a church program there. Not only was it a fun and memorable experience, but we were invited to dinner nearly every night with the staff. I thought I would post some of the delicious delicacies I was able to enjoy in Ilan. So first up, day 1 of my Ilan trip!

We arrived in Ilan Sunday night, even though the program didn’t start until Monday. Right away, the first thing on the agenda was dinner. As I had just gotten off a very bumpy bus, I can’t say I was that excited, but the food kind of made up for it. Here’s just some of the main dishes we had, roll over for some short descriptions!

We spent the rest of the night getting to know all the other volunteers, and began planning our teaching courses. The next morning, we all woke up bright and early to grab breakfast from the various street shops just outside the church. I was amazed that I didn’t notice all the great food places the other night! There was even a whole traditional styled fruit and vegetable market just one block away. Since we didn’t know the area that well, we just went into a random shop that looked appetizing. Luckily, it was! My mom had a rice roll filled with eggs, veggies, meat, and etc. However, it wasn’t the usual rice roll. This was made with black whole grain rice! They mixed white rice and black rice together to get that nice purple color:

I had a little sandwich, which was quite satisfying and filling. We both had the same drink, which consisted of whole grains, seeds, and other good stuff. It was surprisingly delicious, and had a pretty purple color.

Lunch was prepared by the church, and completely free of charge. Now I was one happy camper! It was mainly just dumplings though, and sour&spicy soup. Nothing special, but then there came dinner. After a long day of looking after kids who were struggling with English, I was definitely hungry. Since there were just too many dishes to review, I’ll post all pics in the Photo tab. Go take a look! Here are my two favorite dishes of the evening, scroll over for my opinions!:

Whew, that brings Day 1 to a close. It was definitely tiring for me, but good things always come at a cost! My stomach was happy, if not overly full. Have you guys tried any of these dishes before?

— Jas

Photographs taken and provided by Jasmine Hwang.
For complete selection of photographs, please refer to the photo gallery: My Ilan Trip – Day 1 [8/11/10]

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  1. Aug-16-2010

    What always impresses me is the care that goes into presenting each dish. Everyone is beautiful. And somany interesting things!

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