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During the three hour flight from Taiwan to Japan, my sister and I were excitedly anticipating the landing and impatient to fully immerse ourselves in the experience of Hokkaido.

Three hours and a few days later, it soon became apparent that if we weren’t soaking in the hot springs in attempts to become prunes, or busy taming bears and seeing the sights, then we were either sleeping or eating.

I know. What complete and utter sloths huh? Well, that’s vacation for you.

I’ve received a few requests asking to see more sweets introduced on the blog. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at all the different types of soft ices we sampled.

Though I’m usually not a big fan of soft ice, I realized after tasting the creamy milk ice that I may have to change my mind. Or rather, I would, if the soft ice in the States were this good!

Creamy in both taste and texture, it made my dad’s rum raisin nothing but a mere backdrop.

Compared to the soft ices I’ve had before, this one could almost be categorized as ‘heavy’. The taste of the milk was definitely there, and it was like eating frozen cream that got magically churned into a swirl.


Next would have to be my favorite of the bunch. Lavender ice!…along with my dad’s rebellious honeydew (thus the reason why it’s already half-eaten). My mom’s is the one on the right with the swirl of milk…but as you can see from the picture, we were all so eager to try this out that only my sister remembered to take out the camera in time before it was completely devoured.

Lavender seems to be really big in Hokkaido, no doubt due to its beautiful lavender fields and gardens. In fact, it was such a big hit that Taiwan even has it’s own chain of Lavender Cottages…but that’s for another post.

The vibrant color of these ices were what caught my eye first. A pretty pastel purple, this would’ve matched my room perfectly. (For those of you who are utterly convinced that purple is my favorite color…it’s second only to red.) I’m not sure how to describe the taste of lavender besides…well, instead of the fragrant smell of relaxing lavender, this danced along your taste buds and tasted as great as the plant smells. Even though this might make lavender sound really delicious right now, I wouldn’t suggest eating the actual plant.

Would you just look at that monster? This softee is not only huge but a must-have. With six different flavors and thus six layers stacking on top of a teeny cone, this frozen dessert is as dangerous as it is fun to eat. Just make sure you don’t topple the whole thing.

If memory serves me right, the flavors are strawberry, chocolate, honeydew, milk, pineapple, apple from top to bottom. Thanks to my sister and her fastidious journal keeping…I’m pretty sure that’s right. I think?

Either way, there’s no doubting that this was an interesting buy and an even more unique combination. Or rather, it seemed that the store literally just put down a swirl of every flavor available. All in all, perhaps not the tastiest mixture of ices but still something to try out just for the sake of saying you did.

Our last venture into frozen desserts while in Hokkaido, Japan was actually due to a mistake on my part. Seeing that pastel purple ice, my mind jumped to the lavender ice cream from before and hoped for one last taste before hopping on the plane back to Taiwan.

Instead of lavender, these turned out to be mulberry flavored…but why would that stop me from trying it out? Light and fruity, it was slightly tart even and made me think of blueberries.

Back in Taiwan, what was the first thing we did upon returning? Why did I even ask? You already know the answer. =]

While walking through San Xia Lao Jie, one of the few remaining streets left over from the Chin Dynasty, the ancient street – now housing various storefronts – was a combination of past and present. Stores selling handmade Chinese calligraphy pens, traditional soap, trinkets of all kinds, and of course…the food.

What with Taiwan’s natural climate being so hot and humid, even though we were shaded under the eaves of the shops, my eyes spotted several ice cream stores. Unlike the soft ice in Japan, these weren’t nearly as smooth in texture but were still flavorful. What made these interesting wasn’t the fact that it was swirled with vanilla (and mini chocolate chip morsels) but the cone that it sat on.

Ox horn cones, these mini cookies greatly resemble that of a Thanksgiving cornucopia. At first glance, the first thing to go through my mind was…croissants? No, these cones were basically fancily shaped cookies.

To the left, mulberry swirled with vanilla.

To the right, green tea and vanilla.

If you look closely, you’ll see that there are black dots poking out in some spots. Mini chocolate morsels added an extra element of surprise to the overall taste. Not bad really.

I know what you’re thinking now. It’s either something along the lines of “Yum, these look good. I want to try them!” or “God AJ, what did you do all summer? Eat?”

Oh, I don’t know…maybe? Gotta eat to live after all, so why not do it with a bit (or a lot) of variety? ^^

~ AJ ~

P.S. Didn’t believe me on the bear taming thing? Take a look for yourself. They say seeing is believing.

To my dad who still thinks he’s only in his mid-thirties…

…and my mom who’s a tiger at heart through and through.

And a bonus! Because you’re all terrific people…here are some bears just begging to be fed. Even if it means performing hilarious antics for a cracker.

Pollywannacracker? ROawrrryesssplox.

Photographs taken and provided by AnnMarie & Jasmine Hwang.


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    Ummm yea…i do wonder if all u guys ate were ice cream…esp so many O.O” But then again, if i were u, i would love to try all the flavors outs xD

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      There is an option for email subscription at the side of the blog. You enter your email in the blank box underneath ‘Subscribe now!’ and click ‘Sign me up!’ Afterwards you should receive an email to confirm your subscription. ^^

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