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It’s been a while since S.S.Munchies had a new post! School’s been picking up and life just seems to have its ways of keeping you busy. How is everyone else faring? Upcoming midterms, the frenzy as the year slowly (or way too quickly) comes to an end…holidays? I know I’m looking forward to Halloween – even if it is just so I can eat the cake for my puppy’s first birthday. Hehe!

Anyway, enough with my babbling and on to the stuff that you guys really come on here to read!

If you happen to be like me and am not a huge fan of mayonnaise yet love tuna salad? Then this is an easy alternative to passing on the gooey white stuff.

The only time I would ever add mayo to anything, was when I was making a tuna sandwich or tuna salad. Other than that, the bottle of mayonnaise would just sit at the back of the fridge waiting for it’s chance to shine with some canned tuna.

With the following recipe, you can easily make a tuna salad/sandwich that tastes just as great but without the mayo. The texture won’t be as creamy, but it makes for a great snack or even a quick meal.

Mayo-less Tuna Salad


  • canned tuna
  • vegetables
  • EVOO
  • salt and pepper

Pick out your favorite can of tuna, in water or oil doesn’t matter. Sometimes I even add in a bit of canned chicken just so that there’s a bit of variety.

Depending on what sort of vegetables you like in your salad, pick out your favorite ones and using a fine food grater (the side with the smaller holes) just slide your veggie right along it until you have your desired amount. You can always finely dice/slice the vegetable as well depending on if you like the resulting salad to be chunkier or not. I chose carrots and zucchini for my two vegetables.

Flavor with salt and pepper and drizzle EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to mix. If you feel it’s too dry, add more olive oil. Don’t add in too much at once or you may end up with tuna sitting in oil…just not in a can this time.

Very simple and very quick. =)

~ AJ ~

Photographs taken and provided by AnnMarie Hwang.

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