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A belated Happy New Year!!! wish to all, and hoping that your holidays were fantastic! They do say better late than never right? Holding on to that belief…here’s a very late post. The first for S.S. Munchies’ new year!

Also, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has read, commented, or even subscribed to our blog right now. Seeing that the blog actually has views, as well as reading your comments…that’s really the primary factor that keeps us posting! Please support us yet again this year! =]

Now on to the stuff about food…

Right about now, I think some of us may be suffering through the post-holiday blues…or busy moaning and groaning as school/work continues anew. Though this time, sadly, there won’t be any big holiday breaks to save us from the crushing, mind-numbing insanity of daily routine.

So how do you all start your day off? With an oversized mug of coffee? With a healthy alternative of fresh fruits? Or…are you a fan of the breakfast sandwich? Mmm, someone needs to remind me not to write these posts when I’m hungry…

Needless to say, the breakfast sandwich is rather appealing to me. After dropping by and trying various places on the way to and from Queens and Long Island, as well as a few out of the way locations, the Cold Spring Plaza Delicatessen is the best we’ve had so far.

Not only does it taste better than most (Those guys really know how to make their sandwiches!) but the price by itself already gives them a few bonus points. One large coffee, a two meat with egg and cheese sandwich, and orange juice. Get this, the orange juice comes complementary. Sometimes we get one…sometimes they give us two…hey, if we’re lucky we get three!

What’s the damage you say? At some places we’ve gone to, that can cost as much as around $8 (orange juice not included). Yet here, the total comes up to around $5. A $3 difference in a meal can really add up. Not to mention that I’m, uh, poor and thus when it comes to money I turn into Scrooge.

Did I ever tell you guys that I really like orange juice?

Their sandwiches and coffee are both delicious, we get free orange juice, and it’s probably cheaper than a breakfast combo at Burger King…not to mention healthier too. So I don’t know. I think this place is awesome but the final say will be from you (yes, you -points through the monitor-).

I’ll let you guys decide.

~ AJ ~

P.S. For those of you wondering what kind of sandwiches we got. Turkey, bacon, muenster cheese, and two eggs on a toasted roll. Yum.

Cold Spring Harbor Delicatessen
15 Harbor Road
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724
(631) 367-3533
Photographs taken and provided by AnnMarie Hwang


  1. Jan-19-2011

    is it the one we had in NY!!!!!!
    god!i wish i could eat it again!!!!!!!!

    • Jan-19-2011

      Lolx, yep, that’s the one you guys had while here. =) Glad you liked it. ^^

  2. Jan-19-2011

    Wow, that’s really cheap! Even better that they give u complementary juices, not to mention healthier than BK. I would love to try that place out =]

  3. Jan-30-2011


  4. Oct-11-2011

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