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Hey guys! Jas here, with a super easy quick recipe :) Now, we all know about those times when you feel like you want to eat something, but you’re not very hungry. At those times, you don’t want a meal, but you can’t really settle for just a granola bar either. How to fix this predicament? Easy, just make some steamed egg in a cup! It is pretty filling, and is tasty too! Here’s the simple recipe:

What you need:(makes one cup)

  • 1 egg
  • 2 slices kamaboko fish cake
  • 2 fresh shrimps
  • 1/2 cup chicken broth (you can use water to substitute, but the flavor won’t be as rich)
  • 1/2 tsp cooking wine for taste
  • bit of lard (optional)
  • dash of salt and sugar to taste

Of course, you can feel free to add any other ingredients, such as anchovies, clams, meat, or veggies.

Whisk the egg and add the salt, sugar, lard, and wine into the egg. Add the chicken broth and mix well. Place the kamaboko and shrimps into the cup. You can place some on the bottom and sides, whatever suits you. Get a pot ready, and fill it with water. Place on high heat, and wait for it to boil. Pour the egg mixture into the cup, and place a separator over the boiling water. Put the cup in to steam for around 10 min. and cover the pot. Every 3 to 5 min, open the lid to gently poke the egg with a fork. This will prevent the egg from getting too firm, and will help it to steam evenly. After 10 min., you’ll know it’s done once you poke it and no liquid comes out. Once done, take out and enjoy!

To fancy it up, you can top it with seaweed or bonito fish flakes, but I am perfectly content with it as it is. Don’t forget to mix it a bit before eating, so that all the delicious shrimp flavor spreads evenly. Yum Yum!

– Jas

Photographs taken by Jasmine Hwang


  1. Jan-26-2011

    It is very tender and tasty. I plan to add more ingredients, especially clams.

  2. Jan-26-2011

    Must. Make. Steamed. Egg. Now.

    -goes off to shuffle through the refrigerator-

  3. Feb-3-2011

    I like egg…

  4. Nov-10-2011

    This is so clever! My mom usually just makes these as a side-dish during dinners and breakfasts, so I never thought to make them/eat them as a snack! Will definitely try this instead of reaching for instant noodles the next time I get hungry between meals!! (or better yet… Jasmine, make this for me NOW! Heehee~)

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