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Hey guys! Rest be assured, we have not abandoned this blog! Things have been so busy that I was surprised once I realized it was already March! Wow, how time flies…

On another note, I thought I would get this blog back up and running by putting up a simple post of me rambling. About food that is. xD

Recently I’ve been craving so many things! Most of them are Taiwanese street food, which is sadly inaccessible for me now. :( The first thing I will do when I return to Taiwan is eat, eat, and eat. I’ll just spend the day shopping and then head over to the night market and eat through all the stalls. Ah, pure bliss. Until then, I spend my time thinking about it, which might be driving my friends crazy. These days when I’m talking to my friends, the conversation somehow ends up on food most of the time. I have no idea how this happens. Just the other day my korean friend was telling me about all the spicy korean food that I had to try, and now I want kimchi fried rice to satiate my cravings. In the meantime, I feel happy looking at the pictures I took last time. Here are some foods I want to eat again:

Are you guys hungry now too?

The other day my friend treated me to Haagen Daz! So happy. I tried the Belgian Irish Cream flavour with a waffle cone. Yum yum, so good. The lady gave us two huge scoops, which needed heavy tongue licking action to keep from dripping. Don’t you guys think that ice cream tastes so much better in the winter time?

Lately, my favorite thing to eat when I get home from school is hot rice straight out of the rice cooker, with an extremely gooey barely cooked egg on top, and with dashes of soy sauce and sesame oil mixed in. Then I break the egg, let the yolk sink into the rice, and mix it all together. SO DELICIOUS. Easy to make, and perfect to fill your tummy.

Okay, I think I will finish up this post. Extremely random, but hoped you guys enjoyed! I will probably elaborate on some of the dishes in the pictures in future posts, so comment if you want to know more!

– Jas

Photographs taken by Jasmine Hwang


  1. Mar-10-2011

    Those do look so delicious, you’re so lucky u had a chance to try them all out ;(

  2. Mar-10-2011

    You are all so talented. Keep up the good work!
    Best, auntie Carol

  3. Jul-3-2011

    I know how you feel. Last year I also went to Taiwan and I had the time of my life trying out strange food. Then I went back home and missed it immensely.

    Tried finding some recipes but no such luck. I only know how to make tofu fa.
    Have you got some recipes for me perhaps?

    • Jul-14-2011

      Aah, I’m glad you understand what I mean, taiwanese food in the states really can’t compare! What recipes are you interested in? I’ll gladly put some up =] look forward to upcoming posts!

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