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Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you all that its Ben & Jerry’s Anniversary today! Why should you care? Because they’re giving out one free ice cream cone to all who come. Since some people might not be aware of this great opportunity, head over to the nearest Ben & Jerry’s today and you can get free ice cream too. =]

At the huge Macy’s near my school, they were letting customers choose from vanilla, chocolate, lemon sherbert, and late night snack. Of course, I immediately asked the worker what a “late night snack” was. Apparently, tons of others had asked the same thing, so he just tiredly handed me a paper that said: vanilla bean ice cream with salted caramel and chocolate covered potato chips. Sounds good to me!

The lady who prepared my cone was wonderful and gave me a huge, generous scoop of late night snack. Usually I don’t prefer mixing sweet and salty, but this was an exception. Who knew potato chips tasted so good with(in) ice cream?

Anyway, apologies for not having a picture to show you guys. I remembered to snap a picture with my phone after I already took a few licks, but the quality is poor so I’ll spare you the drooling.

Hope you guys liked my last minute notification and mini review!

– Jas

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