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Hey all!

I do not know how time flies by so quickly! I haven’t been able to post in a while due to vacationing in London (yay! more on that later) and….I’m officially a college student!! So just to let you all know, I won’t be able to post very frequently (and there’s not much on campus to post about har har) but keep your eyes peeled because post I will!

On another note, I was able to visit London my first time ever this summer and try out a ton of very “english” foods. There aren’t very many foods that can be considered completely “english” though, but my sister and I made sure we got all the bases covered!

The top item on my To Eat List was definitely traditional English style FISH AND CHIPS! Oh goodness, I think I fell in love with fish and chips. To tell you guys the truth, I wasn’t even sure what fish and chips were exactly…so for all of you out there who might be confused, it’s basically fried fish with french fries, or as the English say, “chips”. By the way, they call chips crisps, which was very intriguing!

Now, I made sure to try the fish and chips of pretty much every restaurant we visited, but my family and I all agreed that the above was the best. We got these babies at the London Tower area (which is beautiful by the way). If you ever visit London, make sure to try the small shop near the gift store with the blue and white Fish And Chips sign!

Anyways, why was this store’s fish and chips so much better in my opinion? The fish was light and crispy on the outside and not oily at all. Even more importantly, there wasn’t a fishy smell which a lot of the other one’s had. Plus, drizzling mustard and ketchup on top made it deliciously tangy, which went well with the crispy exterior. The fish meat was fluffy and boneless for me, although that wasn’t the case for my sister. Paired with the crunchy hot fries, the meal was a dream for a hungry tourist like myself. I must say, it was very filling so there was no need for anything else!

Have you guys ever been to London? Tell me about your food adventures and recommend some delicacies! Next time, I’ll introduce some of London’s AMAZING Indian food and maybe take you guys into my experience at the famous Portobello Food Market!

Enjoy :)

– Jas

Photograph taken by Jasmine Hwang


  1. Sep-29-2011

    My part of the fish had bones because I got the tail and you had the tastier, meatier section of the tummy area!

  2. Sep-29-2011

    Congratulations, Jasmine! TIme truly fries. It’s nice to know that you are a freshman already. I hope you enjoy your school work.

    The desserts look so delicious!


  3. Oct-11-2011

    This is a really great blog. Thx to the auther

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