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Heyo all!

Many of you who have experienced the magnificence of eating shaved ice or snow ice in Taiwan probably know what I’m talking about when I say it is almost impossible to find any good comparison in the States. For those confused out there, shaved ice is a common street dessert in Taiwan where you take finely shaved ice and put all sorts of crazy toppings on it. Snow ice is actually shaved frozen ice cream, and melts on your tongue like snowflakes. Yummmmm.

Anyways, this is where Flushing, New York comes in. With such a large Asian population, you’re bound to find some good shaved ice right? No. Until now that is!!

Recently, the New World Mall in Flushing opened up a new shop Snopo that sells snow ice. Woot! I must say, it’s pretty darn good if you’re craving some Taiwan flavor in your diet.

Here’s the Golden Mango that my friend Yoonsun and I shared. I recommend bringing a friend, because this is HUGE! The generous lady kept heaping it on the plate, and when some fell off, she just added another scoop. I was a very happy girl.

The Golden Mango comes with shaved mango snow ice, mango jelly, caramelized popcorn, peaches, and almond jelly. The snow ice itself was pretty good and smooth, unlike the rough crunchy ice that the other store (Ponju) in New World Mall had.

My other friends shared a lychee one, which also looked delicious. Upon tasting however, I have to say I still personally prefer mango. Mango and I share a deep bond… =]

That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed this short post, definitely visit New World Mall if you guys are ever in Flushing. Please leave some feedback, and I love comments and subscribers!


Photographs taken by Jasmine Hwang


  1. Sep-23-2011

    where is the store? yours?

  2. Sep-23-2011

    Ohh, looks good. How much was that mango one? o.O

  3. Sep-24-2011

    Ah this place, I’ve had some already and I have to say it was good. Too bad the place is getting really crowded now, standing in line sucks.

  4. Sep-24-2011

    Eric- Nope the store is not mine. It is a store in the Food Court of New World Mall.

    Kim- You must try it! The Golden Mango was $7-8 dollars I believe. Split with a friend,split the cost and you’ll both be full =] The less fancy ones are $5-6 I think.

    Monkoto- Hmm that’s depressing the hear. It’s always been manageable when I visited. Try avoiding popular rush times? It’s worth it when you really want it haha.

  5. Sep-29-2011

    I still have no idea why daddy took me to Ponju first. It was…blech. For those of you visiting the New World Mall in Flushing, DON’T go to the first shaved ice stand you see (which is literally right in your face because Ponju is located right at the bottom of the escalator). It’s a trick I tell ya!

  6. Oct-6-2011

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  7. Oct-11-2011

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  8. May-27-2012

    This reminds me about the snow ice I used to enjoy in Singapore, especially the red bean one! Still missing them.. Haha really enjoy reading this post & such a pity that I did not know this the last time I was in Flushing!

  9. Jun-6-2012

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support!
    Tianyi, I’ve never been to Singapore but I’m sure they’re delicious as well!! Next time you visit Flushing you should definitely go :)

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