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Now imagine waking up one day and seeing that skull just hovering over you, leering at you as it watches you sleep. Too cliche? Eh, I can’t argue with that.

When it comes to museums, people either love them or hate them. Considering how history museums are literally just a bunch of fossils (aka dead stuff) on display, and art museums contain some works that look like a toddler went to work on some canvas with crayons, I can understand why some people may not be too impressed. Heck, I’m one of them (for the art – obviously I like scrutinizing dead stuff).

At the British Museum, I learned a few things during my visit.

First of all, crowds are hella scary and mobs can get aggressive if they don’t get what they want ASAP. For example, upon entering the exhibits section, we were faced with a giant crowd surrounding the Rosetta Stone. Holy Crap! It’s the Rosetta Stone! Gotta get a picture of that! With some skillful maneuvering that consisted of a lot of pushing and elbowing, we made it to the front. It was only then that we felt the crowd’s vengeance. Every picture we took came out blurry. Why? Because someone behind us decided to exact revenge for their stolen opportunity at the front by pushing us around.

Out of the tens of photo attempts I made, only one picture came out okay. Yes, just okay. And so, I’m going to show off my accomplishment…because I can.

Second of all, death may snatch us up at any moment – including the embarrassing ones. Don’t believe me? I have photographic evidence!

This poor soul was probably just curled up in bed at night. Hidden in the relative safety of the darkness, he felt it to be an opportune moment to finally divest himself of the mucus that had been clogging up his nostrils the entire day. Unfortunately for him, death chose this very moment to visit him. Now, thousands of people visit him every day, wondering if he ever got that blasted booger out as they stand next to his display window. How’s that for a sob story?

For those of you who actually read through all of that, you’re awesome. For those of you who skipped ahead wondering ‘Where the heck’s the food?!’…

Outside the museum, we had a choice of ice cream or crepes. Considering the weather, we opted for the slightly warmer option of crepes.

Last week, I mentioned how the Village Creperie’s crepes were not as I expected due to how thick the ‘skins’ were. On the contrary, the food truck outside the museum nailed it. Ordering a sweet (strawberry and custard) and savory (spinach and cheese) crepe, the crepe’s ‘skin’ was thin and crispy at the edges. The filling was pretty standard, and the ingredients used were fresh.

Needless to say, I was pretty happy with these crepes. I didn’t even mind that the sweet crepe became slightly soggy since the custard had melted from the heat. If soggy yet slightly crunchy crepes aren’t your thing, then the Village Creperie’s thicker ‘skin’ would be better.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Have a happy (and most importantly, safe) Halloween!

~ AJ ~

Photographs taken and provided by AnnMarie Hwang

P.S. For those of you who are fans of my adorable baby, Cooper, he is officially two-years-old today!

Still loving watermelon~


  1. Oct-31-2011

    I wish I was there to tell Cooper Happy Birthday!!! And those crepes were goooood…

  2. Nov-1-2011

    Don’t worry. Cooper got to eat two bones from leftover Korean BBQ today, and I bought him a marrow bone too. He had a FEAST today.

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