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Chilean bass is a pretty pricey slice of fish, but it is utterly delicious and totally worth the money. While your wallet may be feeling a bit down and looking somewhat on the thin side after your purchase, no worries, because this is the season for giving and you and your tastebuds undoubtedly deserve the treat. 

This recipe for steamed Chilean bass is almost too simple, but the result is a delicately soft bite of fish that is so tender it practically melts in your mouth. Impress your guests during the holidays by serving up this easy dish, they’ll never guess that it took little to no effort to make.

If you have a steamer at home, as we do, then this dish literally will take no effort at all because the steamer does all the work for you. However, if you’re not so lucky, don’t panic! Just check out the following recipe. 

Steamed Chilean Bass

The ingredients for this recipe will vary on taste as well as how big the filet is.


  • Chilean Bass
  • Scallion
  • Ginger
  • Salt, Pepper
  • good bourbon (optional)

Sprinkle salt and pepper evenly on the fish. To steam the fish, place it in a wok with a strainer with some water on the bottom of the wok. For a fish that’s about 1-inch thick, it should take about 20 minutes for it to be fully cooked. It may take a bit of experimenting to figure out the perfect amount of time needed for the fish to cook thoroughly.

Once the bass is completely cooked, put it to the side before serving. The most important part is the sauce that goes on top. The sauce is actually going to be made from the fat and oils that were steamed out of the fish. Fish oil is very good for you, so don’t cringe at the thought of using it for the sauce. 

Slice the scallion and ginger, and drop them into the sauce. Season to taste with salt and pepper. If you’d like, a splash of bourbon will really help to give the sauce that extra kick of ‘mmm’. Of course, use good bourbon. Cooking with cheap wine and liquor, while it’s less stress on the wallet, may not make for the best dish. Don’t cook with wine/liquor that you don’t and won’t actually drink. So if you choose to do so, add a splash (or two) of bourbon and take a swig for taste.

Stir together and cook for 2-5 minutes until it boils. The last thing you want to do is overcook the sauce, you want the scallions to stay green and beautiful. If it’s overcooked, the scallions will turn yellow.

Pour the sauce over the fish and serve. Sit back, take a bite, have a sip of good wine, and let out a contented sigh.

Good luck and enjoy~!

~ AJ ~

Photographs taken and provided by AnnMarie Hwang

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