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Easter and Passover have come and gone, and spring is officially here! It’s the perfect time of rebirth and renewal for our blog to get back on track.

It’s been months since we’ve last posted, and we’re very sorry for the unannounced absence. How has everyone been? Wait. No need to tell us. We already know you’ve been miserable and missing us and are ecstatic that we’ll be posting again. Now that we’ve finally managed to move everything over to our new self-hosted site, expect to hear from us more often again!

For our ever loyal subscribers, what would we ever do without all of your awesome support and feedback? Please sign up for a subscription again (just in case we missed you while moving things) because we’d be lost without you. Simply enter your email in the box below, or you can find it in our sidebar as well.


Look forward to receiving our snazzy newsletters! [Please check your spam folder for] And we’re looking forward to hearing from you all again! Whether it’s comments, suggestions, a recipe you’d like to contribute, or if you’re simply dropping by with a poke to say hi…we like the attention so don’t hesitate to do so!

~ AJ ~

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  1. Apr-15-2012

    Ecstatic, absolutely.

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