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The moon winking good morning

A few weeks ago, near the end of my rather uneventful spring break, for some odd reason that I can’t fully understand myself, I decided to tag along on a long 7-hour drive upstate with my dad and his friend (along with his two sons). For what? Why, all so I could wake up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 am to go out on the docks of Lake Ontario and sit in a rocking boat to aimlessly fish for trout for the next six hours of course!

Yes, I think I’d lost a few screws over break as well.

Having rented a boat from Crazy Yankee SportFishing the entire ordeal was rather taxing. Considering how they laid out the lines for us and let us know when a fish was biting, we were left with the toughest job of reeling them in…and then the difficult task of picking up slippery fish and tossing them into the cooler. Phew. That’s a lot of work! 

Bad sarcasm aside, despite waking up far too early, it was pretty fun. Reeling in the fish was actually a bit difficult at first, especially when it was a big catch (though after looking at the pictures featured on the Crazy Yankee website, the fish we caught seem tiny in comparison). Without the excitement of hooking another unlucky trout, the lull of the boat practically put us to sleep. 

At least we all left feeling the victory of having caught a fish (even if we only did half the job). In fact, my dad managed to catch exactly one brown trout before getting seasick for the next five and a half hours. Bravo, daddy!

I got bragging rights for bringing in the only lake trout of the bunch we nabbed, though catch of the day for fattest brown trout went to the younger son of my dad’s friend. Totally not jealous.

Afterwards, the Captains were kind enough to filet our fish for us right on deck before heading back to the docks. I found myself cringing inwardly as they threw everything save for the filets overboard. Seeing all of those fish heads and innards floating away…sinking back into the lake to feed the other fishies as the circle of life continues…What a waste! Yes, I am greedy, but that was already a known fact. Wasn’t it? Looking at it from a logical perspective though, we wouldn’t have been able to haul all 16 fish back if the majority hadn’t been filleted. 

Now that I’ve finished regaling you with our fishing adventure and you’re bored out of your mind (C’mon already, where’s the food?!) on to the bbq! 

Before our utterly exciting fishing adventure, we stopped by what is supposed to be the place to go for bbq at Rochester — Dinosaur Bar-B-Que — the night before. The place was beyond crowded when we arrived, and the wait time was around 3 hours. Convinced that this was the best place in town to eat, thanks to the raving reviews found on the internet and Yelp!, we decided to wait it out.

Seated in front of the take out corner, it never occurred to us that maybe…just maybe, we should order food to go instead of waiting. Well, not until we’d already waited nearly 2 hours anyway. Then we got smart, and around $10 later (their bottled cherry soda is delicious, sadly I forgot to take a photo of it and can’t recall the brand) we stopped staring longingly at the take out counter and actually lined up to order instead.

Proud of us, aren’t you?

Back at the hotel, we dug in ravenously and were quickly disillusioned to all the hype about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Out of all our choices, I think I can safely (and smugly) say that my Pork & Brisket Plate [$13.95] was the most delicious. Tender and full of flavor, you could tell with just a bite that the pulled pork had been slow cooked for hours for it to fall apart with just a poke from my fork. The brisket was tough competition for the pulled pork, but it still fell short by just a fraction. While just as tender and scrumptious, it couldn’t compare to the way the pulled pork nearly melted in your mouth.

With Simmered Turkey Neck Collard Greens and A.K. Chili as the two sides I chose, the chili definitely won the contest between them. While nothing spectacular, the simmered turkey neck collard greens was sour and not much to my personal liking and I could just barely find any hints of turkey…I mean, I know it’s just the neck, but still! On a side note, the little hunk of corn bread they included? I’ve never been a fan of corn bread — until I rediscovered how delicious it (and coleslaw) could be at our local diner — but dinosaurs obviously can’t make corn bread as well as they can pulled pork because it was not yummy in the least. 

My dad had gone with the reasonable but safe decision of a half rack of bbq pork ribs [$15.50], only to be disappointed to find that it was rather dry and overcooked. So much for succulent glazed ribs. 

As for his sides of Cajun Corn and Mac & Cheese, they weren’t all that bad but they weren’t extraordinary either. All I can say is that I expected more from the cajun corn due to its reviews, and while it most definitely had a kick to it, that was about it.

On the side, we also ordered five pieces of Original Fried Green Tomatoes [$7.95]. This was another item that received good reviews and…it was interesting! Fried to a golden crisp, it had a nice crunch to it and the tomato kept its color inside. Sprinkled with Pecorino Romano, the cayenne buttermilk ranch dressing added a nice creamy addition. But I found it tasty even without the dip.

Hope you guys enjoyed this rambling post. We’ll definitely have more Fishing Frenzy stories to share, as well as the tasty dishes we transform them into. The beach and pond in our backyard are calling, insisting that we fish out their occupants and cook them into something delicious. So look forward to it!

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
99 Court Street
Rochester, NY 14604
(585) 325-7090 

~ AJ ~

Photographs taken and provided by AnnMarie Hwang

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