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Hey everyone! I’ve officially been living in Taiwan for about a month now, which was enough time to stuff myself fat and take a couple hundreds of pictures of food. All for you guys! At first I contemplated making my first Taiwan series post an overall view of what I’ve been eating and visually drown you all in delicious pictures of food. But what’s the point of dozens of pictures without words…right? So I’m gonna break it down into categories, starting with da da da DUMMMM….Sushi Takeout!

Now pretty much everyone who knows me can verify my obsession with sushi and sashimi. Usually, I only get to gobble the babies up for special occasions when we decide to go to a restaurant or something. But recently I have been able to sate my sushi cravings whenever I want, and that is because ladies and gentlemen, there is a delicious Sushi Takeout shop in practically every subway station in Taiwan! Not only that, but everything is made fresh throughout the day (as it should be) and the prices are laughingly cheap and only get cheaper with every hour at night when items are discounted to sell out the days worth of food. Of course, you would assume that the sushi must be plain, simple, and average tasting if the prices were that low. NOT SO. Here’s proof:

At Sushi Takeout, you can either custom make your own meal by taking the various plastic container sizes they have available and filling it with individual sushi pieces which can vary in price from 5NT to 15NT (15NT being 50 cents), or you can grab one of their custom made options. These include several sushi, nigiri, and bento options. Above, I got a delicious meal of eel, salmon roe, shrimp, broccoli, and a whole bunch of rice with egg AS WELL AS a separate container not pictured full of around 10 pieces of handpicked sushi for around $6!!! All the sashimi is fresh and the sushi filled with chewy rice that’s not mushy, limp, and stuck together. Yum yum.

This wonderful place also sells the typical convenience store wonderfulness of breads, drinks and snacks, but I will talk about convenience stores in another post! For now, just ogle and awe at the greatness of Sushi Takeout. I know I do! Even without the nightly discounts, buying during the day is also a great lunch or snack for cheap. If it wasn’t so filling and if Taiwan didn’t offer so many other delectable foods to devour, I would just stuff myself with sushi…but thank goodness that isn’t the case. Hope you enjoyed this toast and make sure to try out the easy convenient sushi if any of you visit Taiwan! Btw, did anyone notice I typed toast and not post? Yes, I love food…ok that was corny. Anyways, thanks for reading ^_^


– Jas

                                                                          Photographs taken by Jasmine Hwang


  1. Jun-19-2012

    I’m so envious of you right now! I backpacked through Taiwan for a month and absolutely loved it! While you are there you should eat stinky tofu and some dish made out of pig’s blood if you can stomach it :p

    For what purpose are you in Taiwan? Studying or just living there for the experience?

    • Jun-19-2012

      Hi Selvinas! I absolutely love stinky tofu and pig blood soup as well as the pig blood cake. I eat pretty much everything (even durian xD) and am glad you like them too! Yay for gutsy eaters! I’ve been here with family as well as taking classes over the summer, so not much vacationing but lots of shopping and eating. Thanks for your comment, and hope you enjoy upcoming posts!

  2. Jun-22-2012

    Hi Jasmine, this is a wonderful post! I’m glad that Taiwan is stuffing you with so much goodness. Keep posting more! You’re still in taipei? Btw there is a taiwan goods exhibition in my city as well haha!

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