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A few weeks ago, we received an email from The Better Chip company asking us if we’d be interested in reviewing their product. Of course, I immediately thought it was a sham. Why would anyone want our cute little blog, which is just a tiny blip among the sea of food blogs on the net, to review their stuff? After some thought, a bit of detective work, some quick emails, and a leap of faith, we received a box of samples the week after.

Holy crap, this is for reals!!!

Now I’m ecstatic. It was all I could do to prevent myself from randomly stopping strangers on the street, clutching their arm and excitedly gibbering “A chip company thinks my food blog is awesome enough to review their chips!” with a stupid grin on my face.

Anyway, with the excitement out of the way, we came to a dilemma. Upon sharing the news with my sister (and some virtual squees of glee), we decided that waiting for her to return from halfway around the world so we could taste the chips together would keep our lovely readers in the dark for far too long. And so, I’ve recruited our dad — who is as much of a foodie as us, if not more — to help me try out these tasty chips.

The Better Chip is a healthy chip, a tortilla chip to be precise, that boasts about having big flavors made from 100% real ingredients. When it comes to healthy chips and snacks, besides fresh fruits and veggies, Terra Chips and Pirate Booty pop to mind. While I love both of them, I’ve never had The Better Chip before and all three of them are completely different anyhow.

Keeping that in mind, we tried out the Sweet Onion and White Cheddar chip first. Upon opening the bag, the first thing you smell is the cheddar with a faint undertone of onion. One bite and the first thing I thought of was…honestly? Condensed french onion soup. Which isn’t a bad thing, I love french onion soup though I’ve never had it in chip form before. It was a bit saltier than I personally like, and left an oniony aftertaste. 



The Jalapeno and Sea Salt chip doesn’t kick in for a few seconds, and then you’re hit with the heat. This chip is spicy…and I do not handle spicy foods well so I let my dad have the rest of the bag. You could definitely taste the sea salt, though it wasn’t as salty as the Sweet Onion and White Cheddar.


Next, the Red Pepper and Salsa Fresca was not only vibrantly eye catching but definitely our favorite by far. Once you open the bag, this chip stands out from the rest with its distinct color. While the Jalapeno and Sea Salt was pretty with its flecks of green, the reddish orange hue was far more unique. (Though I may simply be biased since red is my favorite color.) The red pepper and salsa came through loud and clear, and the slightly burnt edges of the chip added more depth to the flavor. While it was salty, it was slightly sweet as well so it balanced out. 


Lastly, the Fresh Corn and Sea Salt chip was somewhat disappointing. It was basically like the Jalapeno and Sea Salt chip…except without the jalapeno. The sweetness of the corn does come through a bit strong, though eating a sweet chip was somewhat of an odd experience. On the other hand, we couldn’t taste the sea salt at all. 


Our conclusion? They are definitely a healthy chip, and unless they forgot to include something on their ingredients list, they are made from good things that I can both read and fully approve of.

Although we’d agree that they do have better ingredients than the majority of chips and snacks on the market nowadays, I’m not sure if I would say they are better tasting. They are tasty but they’re not…addictively tasty. Of course, this may simply be due to the lack of…oh, I don’t know, frying the chips in unspeakable stuff that makes them oh so damn good even though it’s horrible for your health and then you find yourself stuffing your face until your hand reaches the bottom of the bag and before you know it you’re in the car on the way home with the backseat stuffed full of grocery bags containing family sized bags of greasy chips of all varieties and then the spiraling guilt trip of doom engulfs you which starts you off by ripping open another bag of chips and…

Too much?

On the other hand, they are most definitely a great chip for dipping. These chips are nice and thick with a satisfying crunch, so there’s no longer the need to go through the annoying process of trying to fish your broken dipped chip out of the dip with the help of another chip (only for that one to break, which leads to an exasperated sigh before you go get the spoon to save your drowning chip). The down side of these thick tortilla chips is that there’s a slightly floury and doughy taste/texture to it. This really only stands out more when you eat the chips alone. With dip or with a sandwich, they’re terrific. 

Overall, we really enjoyed the chips and would suggest you try it out for yourselves. (Psst, RedPepperandSalsaFresca!) Then let us know what you thought! Which one is your favorite chip? Check out their website for more information.

~ AJ ~

Photographs taken and provided by AnnMarie Hwang


  1. Jul-20-2012

    it’s so cool that they asked you to do a review! the blog is definitely growing. too bad jasmine wasn’t there to try the chips though. I’m sure she would have been super excited=)

    • Jul-20-2012

      No worries, I saved a few bags for when she gets back. =) And then I shall let her eat one from each bag before I steal the rest.

      Yes, sounds like a plan…

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