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It’s been a while since we last posted…Yep, we’re still alive and kickin’. You just can’t get rid of us, can you? ;)

Well, I’m sure none of you are terribly surprised. It’s certainly not the first time that we’ve vanished for weeks on end only to pop back out from under a rock and say ‘Hello, world! We’re still alive!’ For those of you who’ve stuck around, all I can say is…either you’re nuts or you forgot you were subscribed to us. Which, in that case, haha, surprise! Guess who’s back to occasionally poke your inbox with random newsletters?

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You may have noticed our spiffy new theme. Check out the sliding Featured Photos on the Home page! Snazzy, right? We had something similar implemented in our previous theme but this one…this one is just so much nicer. Everything’s sleek, shiny, and just wow. Even the fact that we had lost more than half our photos when switching themes, which resulted in my spending weeks painstakingly replacing those photos to their proper post locations, has paid off for the current end result. Yea, we love you too. It’s why we do this.

(Huge thank you to my awesome friend, Teman Cooke, for suggesting this spectacular theme! I spent a lot of time digging through various options but this one took the cake. Check out his equally amazing blog, T.H. Cooke: A Study in Contradictions. He recently published a must-read novel, To the Water, We Are Gods, which I’m sure you’ll all love.)

After spending some more time fiddling with the theme until it was just so, I realized I had no idea where my photos of particular things were. How am I supposed to write posts when I can’t find the proper pictures to go along with it? I can’t write about crazy delicious takoyaki without a picture of said takoyaki. Where’s the fun in reading a recipe about my latest cheesecake masterpiece when you can’t inappropriately ogle that particular cheesecake? Of course, this meant another week or so of organizing my massive collection of photos — photos full of food and places that we promised to blog about but have yet to cover. Photos of recipes, from success stories to miserable failures that I’m too ashamed to share…Erf. >.>

With my pictures organized to perfection, I ran out of excuses not to post. But really, each new season on cable seems to bring better and better shows. Watch the first episode and save the rest for later? Impossible. Catch up to the latest episode of a dozen hot dramas through sleepless marathons? Been there, done that, and now officially out of excuses. I even counted the days since our last post, which brings us…here.

It’s not that I don’t want to write and bore you all with my endless babble. It’s more along the lines that there are so many things I want to share with you all that I don’t really know where to start.

Since I don’t know where to start, why not an overview of everything instead? So here’s a quick synopsis of where we’ve been in the last few years. Some of which we’ve already covered, some which we didn’t fully touch on, and some we failed to mention at all. Till now.

2010: Taiwan & Japan – This is really what started it all. Bored one night while in Taiwan, we decided ‘Why not make a food blog? Then we’d actually have a reason to take pictures of our food instead of looking like wannabe foodies.’ Check out our ‘Eating like an Emperor – in Taiwan’ category for our posts covering all the delicious (and decidedly strange) foods from our parents’ motherland. Or, ‘Itadakimasu Japan!’ to follow us through Hokkaido. 

2011: London & Canada – Thanks to Jas’ insane planning skills, we managed to cross off pretty much everything on our sightseeing list while in London. Our short trip to Canada was also surprisingly fun. Check out ‘London Eats’ and ‘Canada Eats’ for our food-ventures.

2012: Bermuda – Who doesn’t love a cruise to the Caribbean? The endless ocean, the warm rays of sunshine, the convenience of 24 hour buffets a quick elevator ride away. Obviously the lazy relaxation of vacation in the sun and fun at the beach stayed with us because we never got around to writing much. It may be because we spent too much time lazing about and forgot to take pictures of what we put in our mouths…

2013: Germany & Japan – This is where things get interesting. While Jas studied abroad in Japan for a semester, I studied abroad in Germany for the summer. Check out Jas’ blog, ‘Jasmine + Japan’, for a sneak peek of her time in Japan. Maybe she’ll grace us with more posts? Let’s hope. As for Germany? Stay tuned.

2014: Japan & Boston – Right after Jas got back from her semester in Japan, I went for a quick vacation with some friends. We apparently love Japan. And then we tossed Jas in Boston to fend for herself. Girl’s gotta grow up sometime, right?

While we can’t promise to post regularly (Or can we? Promises are meant to be broken!…What do you mean I’ve got it all wrong?) we hope you’ll stick around to accompany us throughout our tasty escapades and (occasionally ill-conceived) recipes. 

P.S. Cooper missed ya’ll too.

"Finally! My glamour shot!"

“Finally! My glamour shot!”

~ AJ ~
Photograph taken by AnnMarie Hwang


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