Technological Loves: SoyaPower Plus

Posted by on Apr 22, 2012 in Technological Loves | 5 comments

For the soy milk lovers out there, there is another solution. Instead of going out and guzzling down your $5 Silk soy milk on a weekly basis, put those $5 to good use by buying yourself a few big bags full of soy beans…and then invest in a SoyaPower Plus to make all the soy milk your heart desires whenever your heart desires!  I’m not here to ask you to buy this machine, I’m simply sharing one of my favorite kitchen appliances with you all. Of course, if you think that you’d like to add this snazzy piece of technology to your kitchen then by all means go for it. Totally recommended for the soy milk lovers out there, and you can find it easily enough on Amazon. Anyway! The SoyaPower Plus. It’s literally the new and improved soy milk machine without all of the hassle of cleaning that old ones used to have. Also, there’s no longer a need to spend hours over a simmering pot of bubbling soy milk. Simple to put together and easy to clean, this thing serves up piping hot soy milk in just 15 – 20 minutes. Not only does it grind the soy beans for you, but it cooks it too! Plus, you’ll never have to worry about any artificial additives in your soy milk again. Having purchased it from Amazon, the machine is just three pieces and it comes with a brush and sponge for cleaning, as well as a pitcher and strainer. It also came with a handy little recipe book, though after trial and error, I’ve found that by following the amount of ingredients the recipes call for you end up with watery soy milk. To fix that, I simply doubled the amount of soy beans and it’s come out perfect ever since.  So with my handy dandy SoyaPower Plus on hand, all I need now are some good soybeans. I buy mine from my local supermarket and one bag lasts me quite a while as one cup of dry soybeans can make about two batches (roughly two quarts) of soy milk — all for not even half the price that I’d have to spend buying it from the dairy aisle. Depending on how much soy milk you plan to make, you’ll want to soak more or less dried soybeans in water overnight (or at least 8 hours). Soaking the soybeans gives it time to absorb the water, this is what will eventually create the ‘milk’. (No, there is no actual milk involved in the entire process. Surprise, surprise!) You can skip this step and still make soy milk except it won’t be as creamy and the taste won’t be as rich or thick. I usually just soak a bowl of soybeans overnight and make the soy milk in the morning, no need to wait then! After soaking, the soybeans should be double their original size. Drain the soybeans and rinse them again before popping them in the machine, you don’t want any dirt that may have been on your soybeans going into your soy milk. The recipe in the booklet calls for 1/2 cup of soybeans, but I found that it came out much too watery for my taste. I use 1 cup of soybeans and it tastes phenomenal, even without any added sugar! This is saying a lot considering how I had never been a fan of soy milk until the SoyaPower Plus found its way into our kitchen. Just drop the beans in the machine, fill it up with water to the indicated line, push the soybeans...

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