Fancy Tuna Salad

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A few posts ago, you may remember me raving about my latest new toy and kitchen gadget — the awesome soymilk machine, SoyaPower Plus. If you remember that, then I’m sure you’ve been waiting for the promised okara recipes. (Did I mention that the SoyaPower Plus makes more than just soymilk? Rice milk is also a big favorite.) Here’s a super simple recipe for lovers of tuna salad (like me ^^) with a heaping cupful of okara to boot! Similar to my Mayo-less Tuna Salad, this is the full monty with spoonfuls of mayonnaise and so much more. It’s so good that some people may be convinced it’s bad for you…but no one will ever be able to tell me that tuna salad is bad for me because it’s simply too delicious! This is great for a party or just enjoying it for a light meal. While the additional okara is totally optional, it gives the tuna salad a thicker and creamier consistency. Plus, no one would ever know you’d added any unless you told them. Ingredients: 1 5 oz can tuna 1 12.5 oz can chicken/turkey 2 stalks celery 2 carrots 1/2 small red onion 1 ripe avocado 1/2 cup toasted crushed walnuts 1/4 ~ 1/2 cup mayonnaise salt & pepper 1/2 ~ 1 cup wet okara (optional) This recipe is easy to alter to your own tastes, don’t hesitate to do so! Let us know when you think you’ve come up with a winner so we can try it out for ourselves. I like to use a can of chicken or turkey instead of only tuna, just to add a little special something. This is actually something my uncle introduced to me and I’ve stuck to it ever since because it’s so good. Both friends and family have had that little ‘wow’ moment when they took their first bite, trying to figure out what makes something as simple as tuna salad so delicious. The taste of the canned chicken is actually pretty mild and practically unnoticeable, the tuna definitely wins over. If anything, it simply adds more texture and while people may notice that there’s something different — in a good way, of course — they may never guess why until you tell them. If you’re using okara, the health benefits are great (walnuts and avocados are also packing tons of nutrition) but I wouldn’t suggest using more than a cup for the portion that this recipe makes. While okara is virtually tasteless, it is mealy on its own. Mixed into the tuna salad, it simply makes the whole thing creamier. But too much, and you’ll have an unpleasant grainy sensation. Also, while this recipe is using wet okara, remember that wet okara doesn’t mean it’s still sopping wet with soymilk! Make sure that you’ve squeezed as much liquid as possible out of your okara before using it. Gather your ingredients Grate the carrots, then dice the celery and onions. Carrots add some nice color, onions are for taste, and celery gives a nice crunch. If you don’t use canned chicken/turkey, use more tuna instead. If you do use canned chicken/turkey, break up the chunks into shreds by mashing with a fork. Put all your ingredients, except the avocado, in a big bowl. If you’re using walnuts, toasting it briefly brings out its nutty flavor and adds some extra crunch. Season with salt & pepper to taste. Add more/less mayo until you’ve reached your desired consistency. Mix well. Cut your avocado in half and use a spoon to scoop it out. Slice the avocado into big chunks, then gently fold...

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It’s Avocado Time!

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Hiyo everyone! Here’s a random post that I just decided to write because of two reasons. 1) I was looking at the avocados on my kitchen table and thinking how much I wanted to eat them (this was a while ago), and 2) How would I eat them if I could? Plus, I just got out from looking at fruit (including avocados) and flowers in  my biology lab.Did you guys know that avocado is the only fruit that is eaten by a carnivore? Interesting….jaguars are the animals that eat them by the way… I find that people either love or hate avocados. I guess it’s a personal thing? In my case, it’s love. Frankly, I can’t understand why some people don’t like them. They’re green, they’re round, they have ginormous in your face seeds, and most importantly, they’re delicious! So, this is what happens when you’re sitting in front of your computer with avocados in front of you. Here’s a few ways I like to eat and use avocados. Go ahead and try them all if you’re bored: eat it plain avocados with salt or pepper sprinkled on top avocados with honey or sugar avocado milk thinly sliced avocado on top of french toast with condensed milk drizzled on top avocado in your ramen! add avocado in your sandwich to spice it up avocado and tuna salad in pita bread guacamole avocado in your sushi and handroll Here’s some tasty sounding options I haven’t personally tried, but definitely will whenever I get the chance: stuffing avocados with rice and vegetables stuffing avocados with crab meat drizzling lemon and lime on top make it into a spicy avocado Mexican salad grill avocados and sprinkle with cheese and tomatoes  avocado icecream DEEP FRIED avocados!! FRIED avocado ICECREAM! (I’m pretty sure this exists somewhere out there) heck, maybe even pour some delicious hot creamy soup into the pit of the avocado and eat it together! Hmm, that’s all I can think of at the moment. Did I miss anything? Oh, and I did try all of the first few so don’t worry, they’re Jasmine approved. Avocados are even good as facial masks and hair masks if you guys aren’t interested in eating them (although I couldn’t imagine how that could be the case). Try some of the options out and tell me how it goes! If you don’t like avocados maybe you’ll change your mind ;) Enjoy! – Jas                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photographs taken from...

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