CN Tower & Sausage Dogs

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During our short, but enjoyable, weekend trip up to Canada, we spent a good deal of time cruising around in search of…yep, food. But before we could stuff our faces, we needed to work up an appetite. And what better way to scare up a craving than an adrenaline rush? A visit to the CN Tower’s Sky Pod gave us a beautiful view of Toronto sprawling out beneath us. Personally, I still find that no place can truly compare with New York City’s skyline. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other places though. The fun really began when we found the glass paneled floors. All of our previous claims of how we weren’t scared of some silly glass floor located exactly 1122 ft above ground came back to haunt us. Looking down, our bravado faltered as intimidating fear gnawed nervously at our stomachs.  Which didn’t stop us from stomping all over it just to prove how brave (or stupid) we really were. In fact, I daresay we may have gotten a bit too comfortable on it. Near the exit (or entrance, however you want to look at it) of the CN Tower, and near the giant football stadium, little hot dog stands were cleverly situated in hopes of grabbing the attention of passerbys.  Of course, my dad, who is a complete sucker for hot dogs and sausages of any kind, was immediately drawn in by the nearest cart and ordering himself a spicy Italian sausage ($3.50). What’s so special about these hot dog carts you ask? Well, for one thing, they don’t just sell hot dogs. These carts are ready with options to satisfy nearly anyone. With chicken dogs and veggie dogs, you can opt for the healthier choices. But where’s the fun in that? As for me? I decided to venture out on a limb and order the Oktoberfest sausage ($3.50) despite having no idea what the heck it was. Turns out it was actually a white sausage made from veal. Yum, baby cows, must be tender. If those options still weren’t enough to satisfy your palate, then maybe the sheer amount of toppings available will. Remember Bad Dawgs from last week? My main complaint had been that while their toppings were plentiful, the hot dogs themselves weren’t anything special. For these sausage dogs that we found in Toronto, no such thing. The sausages themselves were big enough to be a filling meal on its own, and while they may not have had as many different topping choices as Bad Dawgs, there were certainly enough choices that my Oktoberdog pretty much disappeared beneath its new blanket of goodies. Something else I found interesting were the buns used. Unlike regular hot dog buns, these weren’t the usual kind you’d find out of a bag at the supermarket. Bigger and softer, these steamed buns were better off without being toasted. The last thing you’d want is for your toasted bun to split in half and watch the pigeons fight over what should’ve been happily settling down in your stomach. However, with the addition of the sausage and toppings…well, the bun became an afterthought as the star of the show stole the spotlight. If you ever find yourself in Canada, or in the Toronto area, scope out the corners of tourist hot spots and you’ll be sure to find one of these hot dog stands just waiting to take your money serve up a satisfying ‘dog’. While the sausage dogs are somewhat on the pricey side, I think they’re well worth it. Not only are the sausages deliciously filling, but the whole thing is still $0.25 cheaper...

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Tim Hortons > Dunkin Donuts?

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Hey all! As some of you might know, my sister and I were in Toronto just last weekend! Ah Toronto…how I miss you Tim Hortons! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tim Hortons, they are a chain donut shop just about everywhere in Canada and the upper area of the border. Pretty much like Canada’s Dunkin Donuts. So the question my sister and I had to answer was, which was better? Personally, I’ve never been much of a Dunkin Donuts type of gal. So, was Tim Horton’s any different? I would say YES…but only for certain flavors of course. Plus, my dad attests to their delicious coffee. As for the donuts, they were on a whole different level than regular donuts… I prefer to eat desserts and pastries that aren’t TOO sweet. I like sweet stuff, but not when it feels like I’ll get a cavity or diabetes from it. And that’s why I like Tim Hortons. Their old fashioned plain donut (left) and boston creme (right) were the perfect amount of light and fluffy sweetness for my taste. The texture of both were also nicely chewy and doughy inside. Kind of like a barely baked to perfection kind of texture, which I (and most Asians I’m certain) love. The donuts were definitely smaller than your average Dunkin Donuts donut, but in terms of taste and quality they were superior. If you consider how the two donut branches offer their goodies at around the same price, I would say go for the Tim Hortons. Smaller servings are usually better on the tummy anyways. As for the other flavors we tried, the honey cruller was another favorite of mine. A deliciously light airy texture drizzled in sweet honey yet having the slight taste of walnuts…..delicious! This is where I wished they made them bigger…darn it. Well, just be sure to buy more than one of the honey crullers because you’ll definitely want more. We also tried the maple dip, the honey dip, and the blueberry fritter, but they weren’t anything special for me. A bit too sweet for my taste, and we were deceived when we ordered the honey dip only to find out the other side was covered with sprinkles! Alas, the perfection in the pure taste of a simple donut was ruined with the covering of unnecessary sprinkles. So whenever you guys visit Canada, don’t just think about hitting up those fancy restaurants. Tim Hortons is around every corner serving fresh coffee and donuts! If you want to be gluttons like my sister and I, go pig out and sample (almost) every flavor! Hope you enjoyed! Comment and subscribe, I love hearing from you guys! – Jas                                                                                                                                      Photographs taken by Jasmine...

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