Caffé Concerto

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You know, I never realized just how much I like ice cream until starting this blog and noticing just how often I’ve posted about some sort of frozen dessert now. Thinking back to our trip to London and considering how the weather was actually pretty chilly sometimes, the fact that I ordered a hazelnut gelato instead of a nice hot cup of tea or coffee clearly tells me that: I freaking love ice cream. But really now. Just look at that beautifully served ice cream. How could I regret ordering that? If anything, the rest of my family were looking on with woe as they thought to themselves ‘Damn, why’d I order that cake/tea?’  Caffé Concerto seemed to be a pretty popular cafe considering how we saw one every few blocks. What really made me notice it at first wasn’t the fact that I kept seeing the name of the store everywhere, it was the display in the storefront that caught my eye. The first thing I saw was the glint of gold, but it was the peculiar shape that caught my attention. Upon closer inspection, I realized excitedly that it was actually a pyramid of golden cream puffs. Sadly, in the rush of my discovery with the addition of general laziness from being on vacation, I completely forgot to take a photo of their display. Thankfully, this is where Google comes in handy! Do you see that? Okay, it might be a little hard to make out but the golden cone in the upper left corner of the display is what I’m talking about. Those are dozens of cream puffs that have been painstakingly layered and built up into a precarious cone of cream filled pastry and then spray painted with edible gold. Or so I believe. Obviously a cafe with such an impressive cream puff display must be the cafe to go to. So we did.  Because it’s awesome. But mostly because it was around the corner from our hotel. Yea, my family basically consists of a group of lazy bums and we’re not afraid to admit it.  While the cafe itself was stylish and elegant both inside and out, the most important thing about it — the cakes — were a complete disappointment. Contrary to the spectacular display in the window, these cakes were nothing extraordinary. In fact, the cakes were even a little on the dry side. Talk about a let down. As for the tea? We had ordered a pot of tea, assuming that it’d be similar to ordering a pot of tea in the states. Meaning that we were going with the assumption of one pot being able to easily fill at least two cups without any refills of hot water. Thus the surprise when our pot of tea came and it was cute but most importantly tiny. These teapots were made to fill exactly one cup of tea, and while the tea itself was nothing to complain about I couldn’t help thinking that it wasn’t worth the money. Then again, we didn’t stay around long enough to find out whether we’d be able to get a free refill.  All in all, my gelato won the spotlight that night. Smooth and creamy, the rich and nutty flavor of hazelnut kept our spoons dipping in for more. It was like taking fresh hazelnuts and concentrating the flavor so that it exploded on your tongue without being in the least overwhelming. The waffle cone was slightly stale and took away from the general satisfaction of enjoying the ice cream to the fullest, but I think I’ve complained...

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Shaved Ice in New York? Oh yea!

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Heyo all! Many of you who have experienced the magnificence of eating shaved ice or snow ice in Taiwan probably know what I’m talking about when I say it is almost impossible to find any good comparison in the States. For those confused out there, shaved ice is a common street dessert in Taiwan where you take finely shaved ice and put all sorts of crazy toppings on it. Snow ice is actually shaved frozen ice cream, and melts on your tongue like snowflakes. Yummmmm. Anyways, this is where Flushing, New York comes in. With such a large Asian population, you’re bound to find some good shaved ice right? No. Until now that is!! Recently, the New World Mall in Flushing opened up a new shop Snopo that sells snow ice. Woot! I must say, it’s pretty darn good if you’re craving some Taiwan flavor in your diet. Here’s the Golden Mango that my friend Yoonsun and I shared. I recommend bringing a friend, because this is HUGE! The generous lady kept heaping it on the plate, and when some fell off, she just added another scoop. I was a very happy girl. The Golden Mango comes with shaved mango snow ice, mango jelly, caramelized popcorn, peaches, and almond jelly. The snow ice itself was pretty good and smooth, unlike the rough crunchy ice that the other store (Ponju) in New World Mall had. My other friends shared a lychee one, which also looked delicious. Upon tasting however, I have to say I still personally prefer mango. Mango and I share a deep bond… =] That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed this short post, definitely visit New World Mall if you guys are ever in Flushing. Please leave some feedback, and I love comments and subscribers! -Jas Photographs taken by Jasmine...

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Get free Icecream!!

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Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you all that its Ben & Jerry’s Anniversary today! Why should you care? Because they’re giving out one free ice cream cone to all who come. Since some people might not be aware of this great opportunity, head over to the nearest Ben & Jerry’s today and you can get free ice cream too. =] At the huge Macy’s near my school, they were letting customers choose from vanilla, chocolate, lemon sherbert, and late night snack. Of course, I immediately asked the worker what a “late night snack” was. Apparently, tons of others had asked the same thing, so he just tiredly handed me a paper that said: vanilla bean ice cream with salted caramel and chocolate covered potato chips. Sounds good to me! The lady who prepared my cone was wonderful and gave me a huge, generous scoop of late night snack. Usually I don’t prefer mixing sweet and salty, but this was an exception. Who knew potato chips tasted so good with(in) ice cream? Anyway, apologies for not having a picture to show you guys. I remembered to snap a picture with my phone after I already took a few licks, but the quality is poor so I’ll spare you the drooling. Hope you guys liked my last minute notification and mini review! –...

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Lavender Bears…no wait, Ice Cream!

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During the three hour flight from Taiwan to Japan, my sister and I were excitedly anticipating the landing and impatient to fully immerse ourselves in the experience of Hokkaido. Three hours and a few days later, it soon became apparent that if we weren’t soaking in the hot springs in attempts to become prunes, or busy taming bears and seeing the sights, then we were either sleeping or eating. I know. What complete and utter sloths huh? Well, that’s vacation for you. I’ve received a few requests asking to see more sweets introduced on the blog. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at all the different types of soft ices we sampled. Though I’m usually not a big fan of soft ice, I realized after tasting the creamy milk ice that I may have to change my mind. Or rather, I would, if the soft ice in the States were this good! Creamy in both taste and texture, it made my dad’s rum raisin nothing but a mere backdrop. Compared to the soft ices I’ve had before, this one could almost be categorized as ‘heavy’. The taste of the milk was definitely there, and it was like eating frozen cream that got magically churned into a swirl.   Next would have to be my favorite of the bunch. Lavender ice!…along with my dad’s rebellious honeydew (thus the reason why it’s already half-eaten). My mom’s is the one on the right with the swirl of milk…but as you can see from the picture, we were all so eager to try this out that only my sister remembered to take out the camera in time before it was completely devoured. Lavender seems to be really big in Hokkaido, no doubt due to its beautiful lavender fields and gardens. In fact, it was such a big hit that Taiwan even has it’s own chain of Lavender Cottages…but that’s for another post. The vibrant color of these ices were what caught my eye first. A pretty pastel purple, this would’ve matched my room perfectly. (For those of you who are utterly convinced that purple is my favorite color…it’s second only to red.) I’m not sure how to describe the taste of lavender besides…well, instead of the fragrant smell of relaxing lavender, this danced along your taste buds and tasted as great as the plant smells. Even though this might make lavender sound really delicious right now, I wouldn’t suggest eating the actual plant. Would you just look at that monster? This softee is not only huge but a must-have. With six different flavors and thus six layers stacking on top of a teeny cone, this frozen dessert is as dangerous as it is fun to eat. Just make sure you don’t topple the whole thing. If memory serves me right, the flavors are strawberry, chocolate, honeydew, milk, pineapple, apple from top to bottom. Thanks to my sister and her fastidious journal keeping…I’m pretty sure that’s right. I think? Either way, there’s no doubting that this was an interesting buy and an even more unique combination. Or rather, it seemed that the store literally just put down a swirl of every flavor available. All in all, perhaps not the tastiest mixture of ices but still something to try out just for the sake of saying you did. Our last venture into frozen desserts while in Hokkaido, Japan was actually due to a mistake on my part. Seeing that pastel purple ice, my mind jumped to the lavender ice cream from before and hoped for one last taste before hopping on the plane...

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