Craving noodles at night? Seo 34 Ramen!!

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Hey all! So once again, I’m back from fall break and am in the midst of tests, tests, and more tests. Yay! One thing I’ve learned is that snacks are unavoidable. Especially late night snacks. Freshman 15? Heck yea! Before leaving for college, some awesome church people (JP and Uncle Wesley, if you guys are reading this, yes I am referring to you guys) took my mom and I out for a midnight meal. And yes, the store Seo 34 Ramen doesn’t open till around 11 pm, so only eat a light dinner beforehand! Now, I am crazy about ramen. I adore it. So I had extremely high expectations for this small late night ramen store. Was I satisfied? Ooooh yea. The outside of the store is relatively simple and in a classic Japanese style. The inside also followed the same style, with little paper dividers and plain wooden tables and chairs. Since it was pretty late, we just got a simple meal: For our appetizer we had little wontons that were basically pork covered with noodles dipped in a light sweet soy sauce. Just for the sake of filling our bellies we also got some grilled chicken. Yum. Pretty good, but not the star of the meal: The restaurant offers two ramen choices: salt or soy sauce. Since I prefer eating light foods at night, I got salt. So good people! The noodles were chewy and had a springy texture, none of that mushy overcooked stuff. The pork was fatty and juicy,and the egg perfectly yolky with a slight miso flavor. The soup itself was slightly too salty for my taste, but complemented the noodles well. All in all, a very satisfying bowl! I would definitely recommend everyone to check this place out. Although a bit pricey for $9.50 a bowl, it made me happy. I can safely say that I returned home with a very full belly =] Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Leave comments, so I know what you guys think. Any suggestions or requests? Talk to me! Seo Ramen 249 E 49th St (between 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave) New York, NY 10017 Neighborhood: Midtown East   (212) 355-7722 – Jas Photographs taken by Jasmine...

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Japan = Ramen!

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Hey dearies. I know, I know. Where have I been? Let’s just say that a combination of school, SATs, and prep school has led to my disappearance from this blog for quite a while. But now that testing is over (thank goodness), I can happily look forward to the long, arduous (SAT word!) college process! Yay! Well, on a happier note, let’s revisit this delicious traditional style ramen shop that my sister and I went to on our last day in Japan. Not only was it my first taste of real ramen made in Japan, but it was also one of the best meals we had there, if not the most satisfying. Now, this little shop was located in a small outlet, only ten minutes away from the Sapporo airport. We walked into the ramen area, which was composed of around five or so ramen shops clustered together. The first thing we saw was this huge poster practically screaming the menu: Then we saw this and this: Wow. They sure know how to advertise don’t they? See all the signatures of famous people that were displayed? It sure gives it a sense of excitement. So out of all the ramen shops there, this one seemed to be the most popular…well it had the longest lines and the most trophies at least. And I really enjoyed the Japanese feeling it gave off…small wooden tables, a long counter, and plenty of chefs making noodles…. But lets get on to the actual food shall we?  I ordered the #1  most popular  bowl, which was the miso ramen with pork and eggs. I mean, if you’re visiting a shop, you have to try the #1 selection right? And boy did I make the right decision. Here it came in all its steaming glory: They say you must eat ramen in three simple steps: 1) You smell. 2) You drink. 3) You taste. I smelled. It smelled amazingly mouthwatering. The miso, pork, and egg combination hit my nostrils and made my stomach grumble. In fact, my stomach’s grumbling now just from thinking about it. I drank. Yum yum yum. The soup was much more salty than what I was used to, but in exchange, the flavor was intense and meaty. Did I mention that the Japanese like their ramen extremely salty? Even though we asked the waitress to thin out our soup, it was still pretty salty to me. But this was a-ok, and easily remedied by a large pitcher of water. I felt that the salty soup was actually a plus, as the flavor permeated the noodles too. I tasted. The noodles were extremely chewy and springy. The texture was extremely different from the plain, limpy noodles you get with instant ramen. These noodles were hand made by the ramen chefs everyday, and you could tell that they pounded and stretched the dough a lot to get the texture. All in all, they were some pretty darn good noodles. And let me just mention the side additions. The eggs included weren’t regular eggs, but rather miso eggs, and wow were they good. Even though the yolk still looks raw, the egg is actually cooked through, but is still soft and eggy in the middle. The pork was also tender and flavorful. I was completely full, and completely satisfied and content. And if anyone was wondering what the rest of my family had: This was the #2 most popular bowl. Pretty much the same as #1 except with the addition of corn, and extra seaweed, eggs, and pork. I tried some, not bad at...

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