Afternoon Tea: The Rose House in Flushing, NY

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Hey guys! I’ve been inactive for a while, but I’m back! Finals are soon approaching but I thought I’d share this quick post just to let you all know I’m still here ;D The Rose House in Flushing, NY is a nice little girly place to visit with your friends if you want a cozy place to sit, drink deliciously expensive tea, munch on cakes and sweets, and chat. The place is pretty overpriced in my opinion, and I would recommend going if you’ve got money to splurge and aren’t very hungry. The inside of the shop has individual private tables, couches, and cushiony soft lounge chairs which gives a really nice atmosphere to the place. Your tea also comes in an expensive teapot, with expensive tableware to match. I wouldn’t suggest breaking anything here, as you’ll probably have to pay for it. I went with my friend a while ago, and we enjoyed their Belgian waffles with honey and freshly whipped cream. For tea, we had a peach milk tea. They have an insane amount of teas and snacks to choose from, along with various combos and specials, but we just stuck with the basics. The tea was pretty good and I could definitely taste the fruity flavor of the peach, but it wasn’t extraordinary. The waffles however were delicious! As we were determined not to waste our money, my friend and I made sure to use up all the whipped cream and honey that came with the waffles (which was quite a lot in fact) and we ended up smothering our waffles with as much whipped cream and honey as they could hold. Hubba Hubba! Very very satisfying I must say! What do you guys think? Are you always determined to eat your money’s worth? Let me know in the comments! Hope you all enjoyed this quickie post! – Jas                                                                                                                                                                        Photographs taken by Jasmine...

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Tim Hortons > Dunkin Donuts?

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Hey all! As some of you might know, my sister and I were in Toronto just last weekend! Ah Toronto…how I miss you Tim Hortons! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tim Hortons, they are a chain donut shop just about everywhere in Canada and the upper area of the border. Pretty much like Canada’s Dunkin Donuts. So the question my sister and I had to answer was, which was better? Personally, I’ve never been much of a Dunkin Donuts type of gal. So, was Tim Horton’s any different? I would say YES…but only for certain flavors of course. Plus, my dad attests to their delicious coffee. As for the donuts, they were on a whole different level than regular donuts… I prefer to eat desserts and pastries that aren’t TOO sweet. I like sweet stuff, but not when it feels like I’ll get a cavity or diabetes from it. And that’s why I like Tim Hortons. Their old fashioned plain donut (left) and boston creme (right) were the perfect amount of light and fluffy sweetness for my taste. The texture of both were also nicely chewy and doughy inside. Kind of like a barely baked to perfection kind of texture, which I (and most Asians I’m certain) love. The donuts were definitely smaller than your average Dunkin Donuts donut, but in terms of taste and quality they were superior. If you consider how the two donut branches offer their goodies at around the same price, I would say go for the Tim Hortons. Smaller servings are usually better on the tummy anyways. As for the other flavors we tried, the honey cruller was another favorite of mine. A deliciously light airy texture drizzled in sweet honey yet having the slight taste of walnuts…..delicious! This is where I wished they made them bigger…darn it. Well, just be sure to buy more than one of the honey crullers because you’ll definitely want more. We also tried the maple dip, the honey dip, and the blueberry fritter, but they weren’t anything special for me. A bit too sweet for my taste, and we were deceived when we ordered the honey dip only to find out the other side was covered with sprinkles! Alas, the perfection in the pure taste of a simple donut was ruined with the covering of unnecessary sprinkles. So whenever you guys visit Canada, don’t just think about hitting up those fancy restaurants. Tim Hortons is around every corner serving fresh coffee and donuts! If you want to be gluttons like my sister and I, go pig out and sample (almost) every flavor! Hope you enjoyed! Comment and subscribe, I love hearing from you guys! – Jas                                                                                                                                      Photographs taken by Jasmine...

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It’s Avocado Time!

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Hiyo everyone! Here’s a random post that I just decided to write because of two reasons. 1) I was looking at the avocados on my kitchen table and thinking how much I wanted to eat them (this was a while ago), and 2) How would I eat them if I could? Plus, I just got out from looking at fruit (including avocados) and flowers in  my biology lab.Did you guys know that avocado is the only fruit that is eaten by a carnivore? Interesting….jaguars are the animals that eat them by the way… I find that people either love or hate avocados. I guess it’s a personal thing? In my case, it’s love. Frankly, I can’t understand why some people don’t like them. They’re green, they’re round, they have ginormous in your face seeds, and most importantly, they’re delicious! So, this is what happens when you’re sitting in front of your computer with avocados in front of you. Here’s a few ways I like to eat and use avocados. Go ahead and try them all if you’re bored: eat it plain avocados with salt or pepper sprinkled on top avocados with honey or sugar avocado milk thinly sliced avocado on top of french toast with condensed milk drizzled on top avocado in your ramen! add avocado in your sandwich to spice it up avocado and tuna salad in pita bread guacamole avocado in your sushi and handroll Here’s some tasty sounding options I haven’t personally tried, but definitely will whenever I get the chance: stuffing avocados with rice and vegetables stuffing avocados with crab meat drizzling lemon and lime on top make it into a spicy avocado Mexican salad grill avocados and sprinkle with cheese and tomatoes  avocado icecream DEEP FRIED avocados!! FRIED avocado ICECREAM! (I’m pretty sure this exists somewhere out there) heck, maybe even pour some delicious hot creamy soup into the pit of the avocado and eat it together! Hmm, that’s all I can think of at the moment. Did I miss anything? Oh, and I did try all of the first few so don’t worry, they’re Jasmine approved. Avocados are even good as facial masks and hair masks if you guys aren’t interested in eating them (although I couldn’t imagine how that could be the case). Try some of the options out and tell me how it goes! If you don’t like avocados maybe you’ll change your mind ;) Enjoy! – Jas                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photographs taken from...

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Craving noodles at night? Seo 34 Ramen!!

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Hey all! So once again, I’m back from fall break and am in the midst of tests, tests, and more tests. Yay! One thing I’ve learned is that snacks are unavoidable. Especially late night snacks. Freshman 15? Heck yea! Before leaving for college, some awesome church people (JP and Uncle Wesley, if you guys are reading this, yes I am referring to you guys) took my mom and I out for a midnight meal. And yes, the store Seo 34 Ramen doesn’t open till around 11 pm, so only eat a light dinner beforehand! Now, I am crazy about ramen. I adore it. So I had extremely high expectations for this small late night ramen store. Was I satisfied? Ooooh yea. The outside of the store is relatively simple and in a classic Japanese style. The inside also followed the same style, with little paper dividers and plain wooden tables and chairs. Since it was pretty late, we just got a simple meal: For our appetizer we had little wontons that were basically pork covered with noodles dipped in a light sweet soy sauce. Just for the sake of filling our bellies we also got some grilled chicken. Yum. Pretty good, but not the star of the meal: The restaurant offers two ramen choices: salt or soy sauce. Since I prefer eating light foods at night, I got salt. So good people! The noodles were chewy and had a springy texture, none of that mushy overcooked stuff. The pork was fatty and juicy,and the egg perfectly yolky with a slight miso flavor. The soup itself was slightly too salty for my taste, but complemented the noodles well. All in all, a very satisfying bowl! I would definitely recommend everyone to check this place out. Although a bit pricey for $9.50 a bowl, it made me happy. I can safely say that I returned home with a very full belly =] Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Leave comments, so I know what you guys think. Any suggestions or requests? Talk to me! Seo Ramen 249 E 49th St (between 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave) New York, NY 10017 Neighborhood: Midtown East   (212) 355-7722 – Jas Photographs taken by Jasmine...

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