Food Ramble Time! (Picture Heavy!)

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Hey guys! Rest be assured, we have not abandoned this blog! Things have been so busy that I was surprised once I realized it was already March! Wow, how time flies… On another note, I thought I would get this blog back up and running by putting up a simple post of me rambling. About food that is. xD Recently I’ve been craving so many things! Most of them are Taiwanese street food, which is sadly inaccessible for me now. :( The first thing I will do when I return to Taiwan is eat, eat, and eat. I’ll just spend the day shopping and then head over to the night market and eat through all the stalls. Ah, pure bliss. Until then, I spend my time thinking about it, which might be driving my friends crazy. These days when I’m talking to my friends, the conversation somehow ends up on food most of the time. I have no idea how this happens. Just the other day my korean friend was telling me about all the spicy korean food that I had to try, and now I want kimchi fried rice to satiate my cravings. In the meantime, I feel happy looking at the pictures I took last time. Here are some foods I want to eat again: Are you guys hungry now too? The other day my friend treated me to Haagen Daz! So happy. I tried the Belgian Irish Cream flavour with a waffle cone. Yum yum, so good. The lady gave us two huge scoops, which needed heavy tongue licking action to keep from dripping. Don’t you guys think that ice cream tastes so much better in the winter time? Lately, my favorite thing to eat when I get home from school is hot rice straight out of the rice cooker, with an extremely gooey barely cooked egg on top, and with dashes of soy sauce and sesame oil mixed in. Then I break the egg, let the yolk sink into the rice, and mix it all together. SO DELICIOUS. Easy to make, and perfect to fill your tummy. Okay, I think I will finish up this post. Extremely random, but hoped you guys enjoyed! I will probably elaborate on some of the dishes in the pictures in future posts, so comment if you want to know more! – Jas Photographs taken by Jasmine...

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Taiwan Street Food: Part 2 <3

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Hey all! Thought I’d post up some more yummy street food for you guys to enjoy. These were eaten at various different places, and of course, at various different times. First up, Dou Hwa! Dou Hwa is basically a very light tofu made out of soy, and would be directly translated as Soy Flower. Pretty huh? It is usually eaten with syrup, and various toppings such as peanuts, red bean, or tapioca. This one that I had upon arriving at Taiwan for a few days was pretty good: Next up are spring rolls! The ones I had below were very, very, very delicious!! We ate these on the high speed train as we were traveling from Kaohsiung back to TaoYuan, and they hit the spot. Filled to the brim with veggies, juicy bits of fatty pork, egg, mushrooms, and other surprises, they left me very satisfied. Not only that, but they also used a special sauce besides the usual peanut one. It was a bit of a twist on a classic spring roll. Here is the baby below: While walking the night market in Ilan, I saw something I’ve never seen before! There was a show advertising it on the TV placed outside the stall that specialized in this snack. What I’m talking about is, White Tapioca! Cool right? What caught my interest was: 1) It’s white. (or rather, clear)  2) It’s supposed to be softer than regular tapioca.  3)It’s supposed to be chewier than regular tapioca. And, 4) It supposedly won’t harden, even if you stick it in the fridge! So basically, I just had to try this new fangled tapioca out. I got regular milk tea with it, and I have to say, you can’t really tell much of a difference between the two tapiocas. It was softer and chewier for sure, and definetely not bad overall! Since this is a relatively short post, I’ll end it once again with one of my absolute favorite -will die if I don’t eat it after coming to Taiwan- foods. And that is: Roasted Chicken Butt! (on a stick ) Ever since I had some heavenly roasted chicken butt as a child in Taiwan, I’ve been questing to find that same chicken butt all these years later. It was big, it was roasted, it was seasoned well, and most of all, it was crispy on the outside and JUICY on the inside! Heaven. Now, the ones I’ve had just don’t compare to the one from my memory. However, this one bought from a night market stall in Gong Guan, Taipei was pretty dang good, if I do say so myself. It was crispy and seasoned well, but much too small! Alright, hope you guys enjoyed the eye candy! What are your opinions? Don’t be scared to try delicacies like chicken butts! =] — Jas Photographs taken and provided by Jasmine...

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Traditional Foods in Taiwan: Bitter Melon

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Alright people, let me introduce a delicious vegetable that people often overlook or even dislike: Bitter Melon! Now, at first I didn’t like the bitterness of this veggie either, but the taste really grows on you. Before, I would say my favorite way to eat bitter melon is with salted eggs or meat. However, this all changed when my grandpa treated our family for dinner at a nice little restaurant in Taoyuan, Taiwan. I can safely say that my grandpa, as a lover of all foods, has supreme taste buds and a knowledge of where to get good food. Here’s my favorite dish of the evening:   Alot of my friends can’t stand bitter melon, but a bite of this just might change their minds. This was probably the best bitter melon I ever ate! The reason? It was cooked and let to simmer for several hours in a fragrant meat sauce, allowing the bitter melon to suck up all the good flavor and become extremely soft and juicy. Cooking this requires experience and technique, something that makes it difficult to recreate at home. The best way to eat this is to take a good chunk, pour some of the sauce on, and eat it together with some rice. Yum Yum! In case anyone was wondering, the dish next to the bitter melon is actually pig large intestines. This was the first time I had large intestines that were cooked in a sour sauce. They were extremely chewy, and even got progressively more sour as I chewed. Extremely interesting, and definitely not something I’m used to: On another note, the sweet bread we had was great as well. They used two types of dough for this, a soft yellow dough on the inside, and a hard crispy one on the outside to fry. Then they sprinkled it liberally with sweet peanut powder mixed with sugar. The result is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and it is deliciously warm as it fills your mouth with sugary goodness: The restaurant we went to is called Chuan Jia Fu, or directly translated, the Whole Family. Hope you guys enjoyed this post, leave comments below! What kinds of foods do you guys enjoy? — Jas Photographs taken and provided by Jasmine Hwang For complete selection of photographs, please refer to the photo gallery: Traditional Foods in Taiwan...

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